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Leg numbness and ankle pain 

For about 2 years I had been having problems with my leg going numb when I sat in one position for a long time. It was getting worse and worse and beginning to make it uncomfortable for me to sit or even to lie down and sleep at night.  I went to see John Munro about it. After the treatment my back became quite sore, but the pain went away after a few days. It is now one year later and I have had no more numbness in my leg ever since that one treatment.

A few weeks ago I saw John again and told him about some pain in my left ankle from an injury 16 years ago. It had been making it uncomfortable for me to go out dancing which I enjoy so much. He touched around my ankle with his fingertips for a few minutes and since then my ankle has improved a lot. I can even sit on my heels on the floor, which I have not been able to do for many years.


Improved immunity

Probably, the first thing I’ve noticed after a regular Qigong practice (even if it was 15 minutes a day) was that I only had one cold during the whole “cold and flu” season, whereas normally I would have had at least four to six bouts of cold every year since I was a child. I certainly intend to keep doing Qigong regularly and hopefully not have colds at all in the future.

I’ve also noticed an increase in energy and improved ability to cope with everyday stress amongst other benefits that Qigong gives me. The health exercises help me a lot if I get a stiff neck or a back ache after working in front of the computer for several hours. I feel privileged to be able to learn Qigong from John, because of his knowledge, skills, patience and dedication to this art of health


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My name is Anna. I am 53 years old and enjoy a busy, healthy life. I have been self employed for the last 25 years, working ‘hands on’ in my soft furnishing business. Years of repetitive hand actions, working with stiff heavy fabrics has paid it’s toll on my hands, fingers and forearms. I developed chronic carpal tunnel syndrome which caused pain in my shoulders & arms and numbness in my fingers and hands. The condition was present all the time, but worse when I tried to sleep, drive the car, hold a book and especially when I worked.

I researched Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a cure and found the options were complete rest from tasks that aggravated the condition, in other words change my job, or have an operation on my wrists to relieve the pressure on the nerves, with a 6 week recovery period and no guarantee of success. Neither option was appealing, however the condition was worsening and dominating my life, a decision had to be made.

As chance would have it I was provided with an answer when John Munro entered my life wanting a new cushion for the window seat in his consultation room. I was impressed with John’s confident, gentle manner as he explained to me what he did, the benefits of his therapeutic massage and his passion for Qigong & Kung Fu.

As his natural approach to healing appealed to me I started a weekly massage session with John working intensely on my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. I also started attending his Monday morning Qigong classes, learning the 12 health exercises.

Immediately I felt relief in my arms, the shooting pains in my shoulders and forearms eased, and a lessening in the numbness in my hands allowed me to sleep at night.

8 weeks on there is a considerable improvement. The numbness is now only present in my fingers in the early morning and when I do intense work with my hands. Deep breathing, relaxing my shoulders & arms, and sending energy to my hands gives immediate relief.

The Qigong 12 health exercises are now part of my everyday morning routine. Concentrating on my breathing has helped me to take time to relax and relieves stress.

I can now continue to work in my business, look at new products and different ways of doing things that aren’t so ‘hands on’.

I am truly grateful to John and have written this story to share my enthusiasm for what John does and believes in.


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