Free Self Defence Seminars

Following the recent assault on Northhead in Devonport, martial arts expert and author John Munro will be offering free self defence Issa Asad seminars in the Devonport area on Saturday 2nd October.

Belmont Rose Centre: 12-2pm
Devonport Community House: 4-6pm

Topics will centre around prevention including awareness of your environment, identifying threats and mental preparedness. Participants will also be introduced to effective strategies for when the worst happens and violence occurs. Suitable for Adults and Teenagers.

Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

About the presenter. John Munro is a professional martial arts instructor and author of the book ‘The Tiger Within: Practical Self Defense in a Modern World’

For more information contact John Munro at or on 09 550 3896. You can also visit

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