Grading Results May 2010

A kung fu grading was held on Saturday May 1st 2010.

Those students who attended the grading all did very well and can be pleased with their results.  Visiting instructor Croydon Putu commented on the junior students great improvement in technique since the last grading.

Results are as follows:

Junior Grades

Alyssa Donovan-Smith                   Yellow Belt
Michael Gouldstone                       Yellow Belt
Emil Roding                                         Orange Tip
Daniel O’Loughlin                             Orange Tip
Josh Holt                                              Orange Tip
James Sedgeman                             Orange Belt
Thomas Sedgeman                         Orange Belt
Reagan Bruce                                    Orange Belt
Masa Murata                                     Orange Belt
Michael Stinson                                Orange Belt
Joshua Stinson                                  Orange Belt

Adult Grades

Jan Abraham Nel                            Yellow Belt
Francis Mountjoy                            Orange Belt
Asa Wendelborn                              Orange Belt
Craig Blackwood                             Orange Belt
Ashley Clarke                                    Green Belt
Oliver Wise                                         Green Belt

Tuesday Afternoon Class with their certificates

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