The Power of Thought

I read an interesting newspaper article in the herald a little while ago (image included below). It got me thinking about Qigong and how it works in different contexts and applications. The article talks about researchers commercializing a device that uses the human electric field to communicate data for applications such as unlocking doors, with the ability to do things as complex as transferring the data for a movie with a simple handshake. The work is groundbreaking in that it uses the human electric field without sending electricity into the body.

It is interesting to me that often people will readily accept a piece of electronic technology with these sorts of capabilities but have difficulty understanding and accepting our own bodies ability to perform similar functions.

Healing via qigong relies not only on the transmission of energy from person to person, but also the transmission of data or information. Re-establishing lines of communication between different parts of the body via the human electric field, sending messages which tell the body to heal itself. Of course this is most effectively done by someone with extensive practice who has developed their abilities in this area, but it can also be done by the inexperienced to good effect.

If you have somewhere on your body which is sore or aches at the moment, become aware of that area. Breathe in drawing energy into your lower dantien and then breath out, sending the energy out through the area that is sore. Repeat this several times. If the area is cold, imagine warm energy flowing out and through it. If the area is hot, imagine cool energy like fresh water flowing out and through it. This can often completely resolve minor aches and pains quite quickly and may provide relief for even more serious complaints.

This is a very simple example of this principle. The information sent can be far more complex when required, much like the entire movie being passed from person to person via a handshake.

This principle affects us all on a day to day basis whether we like it or not. When we think positive thoughts it is not just our posture and actions that change, but our very subtle energies as well. We also communicate via these energies to the people around us all the time. You have probably noticed that some people you just feel good to be around and others you don’t, and you just can’t put your finger on why?

One of the benefits of practicing Qigong together in groups is that you can all benefit from the positive thoughts and energy generated by the people around you. Most people coming to Qigong classes have a positive mental attitude, even if their circumstances or health is not great – they are doing something about it. This positivity carries over into their subtle energies and benefits not only themselves but those around them as well.

I hope to see you all at a Qigong class soon!

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